Photographer Resources: Payments

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Payments to photographers are as follows


Assignments booked directly between you and the client where serves only as the means of image delivery: 100% to you

Assignments booked through KLC fotos client pays KLC fotos then KLC fotos pays you: 80% to you

(With clients that we trust and have worked with before, we will send your payment immediately after photos are uploaded, while we carry the cash flow burden waiting for the client to process the invoice.)


50% of the profit, always 

(the remainder of royalties is divided between the client [when applicable], the director of the division, the manager, an LLC share, and a remainder in KLC fotos as part of our operations budget)

Methods of payment:

Dwell: Our preferred method of payment. It is fast, direct, and without fees, because of this quick and automated process, we are able to send payments as they come through our system

Check: While we don't prefer check for environmental, postage and workflow reasons, we understand not everyone is comfortable with online banking. We will send checks immediately for assignments, and every $100 for royalty payments.

PayPal: We use paypal for our international vendors (until we find a better solution). If this is your preferred payment over dwolla or check, we are happy to send your payment using paypal. But be warned that we do send payments as business services and you will be charged a fee from payment to accept the payment.


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