Prospective Photographers

Thanks for your interest in becoming a KLC fotos Photographer! We are proud to work with photographers domestically and internationally and are constantly looking for motivated photographers to join our team!

In our efforts to be a photography service that serves both the clients and the photographers, we are proud to offer photographers:

-100% assignment fee on all assignment booked directly through the photographer and the client, using KLC fotos as a delivery platform

-80% assignment fee on all assignments booked and paid through KLC fotos

-50% royalty share on all licensing and print sales

We have a variety of divisions to discover and build your niche and offer myriad resources in contracts, licensing, support and advocacy to help you become a better and more successful photographer!

You can check out the KLC fotos Photographer F.A.Q. for more info or send us an email if you still have questions about becoming a KLC fotos photographer.


First, please review our Image Submission Guidelines to ensure you are capable of contributing images

Next review and submit the KLC fotos Photographer Agreement and W-9 (W-8 for foreign photographers) and send to

Finally, please complete the Photographer Info/Update form. This gives us a sense of your interests, your experience, and can help us start pairing you with appropriate clients as we get you set up as a contributor to KLC fotos.

We look forward to working with you!