Photographer Resources

Thank you for being a contributing photographer with KLC fotos!

We are proud to support a growing community of professional quality photographers. We are very transparent about our business practices and offer a competitive 80% on all assigned gigs (100% on self-assigned gigs) and 50% on all royalties. We are also proud to share 10% of our profits with the organizations that use KLC fotos to license images.

Please use this page as a resource for information regarding KLC fotos photographers.



Admin Resources

Photographer Agreement  - All photographers must sign before we can include your images in our database or hire you for assignments. If you have not already done so, please complete and return to us.

W-9 - In order to pay photographers, we will also need all photographers that are US citizens to fill out a W-9. International photographers please use form W-8BEN.

Photographer Info Form - To be included in our Photographer Map and Photographer Spreadsheet, please fill out the survey and update the info as needed.

Payments - Please ensure you have an account with Dwolla or PayPal so we can pay you.

Calendar - You can add your events via inviting

Royalties - To view the Royalty Report


Workflow Resources

Photographer Folder - Access your folder in the Photographers area to upload images, update your portfolio, edit your bio and view your archive

Submission Protocol - Details for how to submit your images

Filenames - All filenames should be Person_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS_PhotographerCode.jpg

Captions & Metadata -

     Sample IPTC - For PhotoMechanic Users (Note: Since google drive cannot read xmp files, there is no preview available, but you can still download)


Additional Resources in our Google Drive for Active Photographers Only