Thank you for being a contributing photographer with KLC fotos!

We are proud to support a growing community of professional quality photographers. We are very transparent about our business practices and offer a competitive 80% on all assigned gigs (100% on self-assigned gigs) and 50% on all royalties. We are also proud to share 10% of our profits with the organizations that use KLC fotos to license images.

Please use this page as a resource for information regarding KLC fotos photographers.



Admin Resources

Photographer Agreement  - All photographers must sign before we can include your images in our database. If you have not already done so, please complete and return to us.

W-9 - In order to pay photographers, we will also need all photographers that are US citizens to fill out a W-9. International photographers please contact us directly to determine your country's tax treaty and which forms we will need from you.

Photographer Info Submit - To be included in our Photographer Map and Photographer Spreadsheet, please fill out the survey and update the info as needed.

Payments - Please ensure you have an account with Dwolla or PayPal so we can pay you.

Calendar - You can add your events via inviting


Coming Soon:

Assignment Form - This form will use this to update us on what events you'll be covering so we can add them to the calendar

Assignments - You can view and sign up for available assignments here

Letter of Assignment - To request or retrieve letters of assignment

Royalties - To view the Royalty Report


Contributing Images

Photographer Folder - Access your folder in the Photographers area to upload images, update your portfolio, edit your about section and view your archive

Submission Protocol - Details for how to submit your images

Filenames - All filenames should be PhotographerCodeYYYYMMDD_sequence.jpg

Captions & Metadata -

     Sample IPTC - For PhotoMechanic Users (Note: Since google drive cannot read xmp files, there is no preview available, but you can still download

     Sports Codes - To add to your metadata


Additional Resources in our Google Drive for Active Photographers Only