While many digital image platforms enable a more robust search for copyright, keyword, or caption, and the extra step of using filenames can seem like an outdated pain, it's always a good idea to have a unique filename so that you don't end up overwriting a file.

Our protocol is to rename in PhotoMechanic with the date and your photographer code

Filename Rename In PhotoMechanic


example: For a photo taken at 03:18:22pm on July 1st, 2017 by Catharyn Hayne would be


For your own purposes or per a client's request, you may want to add additional information

{persons} to automate with what is listed in the IPTC field: Persons Shown

{headline} to automate with what is listed in the IPTC field: Headline


Export With File Name Lightroom

On export

Look for the dropdown option File Naming and select the box Rename To:

Choose Custom Setting type in your Identifying Code

Then choose from the Sequence and Date option for Date (YYYYMMDD) Hour Minute Second



Export With File Name Photoshop



Mobile Filename Rename

Mobile editing has made great progress but there is not yet an app which replaces PhotoMechanic. Some we recommend for iOs

Photogene - $2.99 - *Does not work on iOs 11

ShutterSnitch - $16.99

Lightroom CC - $ varies - Requires Lightroom CC Subscription