Welcome! Thanks for joining KLC fotos!

If you haven't already, please send along your Photographer Agreement and W-9 (or W-8 for international photographers) so that we can start licensing your images and sending you royalties!

You should have received an email to set up your password as well as a link to your Photographer Folder

Photographer Folder

Every photographer has a dedicated folder on KLC fotos. This is accessible via KLCfotos.com/photographers/YourName

This area can be accessed on the backend or via the link sent in the email. It's also a good idea to book mark this page so you can quickly access.

This page is your calling-card. You can direct clients here to view your portfolio, find your contact info, access your images, etc.

Your Photographer page comes preloaded with at least a Headshot, Non-KLC fotos Work Gallery, and a Portfolio.

If you already have images ready to share, you might find one or more Folders within your  

About Gallery

You'll see a gallery titled "About Your Name", this is where you should add a headshot or a few. Perhaps one traditional headshot to be use when applying for credentials, another of you at work with your camera that you select as a cover thumbnail to display on the Photographers page, or any images to help potential clients get to know you. Keep The bio you submitted is already added to the gallery.

Non-KLC fotos Work Gallery

If you have images that you own the copyright to but don't have permission to license, you can add them to your non-KLC fotos gallery. This gallery is set to not be visible (we don't want to promote images we don't have the right to license) but you can use it as a starting point to have some images in your portfolio until you have more KLC fotos work to add.

Portfolio Collection

You'll see a collection tittle "Your Name Portfolio". You can choose images from your Non-KLC fotos Work gallery or any new galleries you upload to KLC fotos and select to Add to Collection. This is the gallery that will display as a slideshow on your Photographer Folder homepage


If we are anticipating specific images from you, we may have already created a folder with corresponding price lists. We've found it's best to have items in folders instead of loose unorganized galleries so that it's easier for clients to Find A Photo.