Shoot Like Shirley

Photo credit: David Bernal Photography

photo credit: David Bernal Photography

This award is named in honor of Shirley Pefley, a fantastic photographer and even better person!

Shirley was well liked and respected among her peers not only for her excellent photography but for how much people enjoyed covering events alongside her. Shirley was always friendly, eager to "talk shop" about the newest cameras or photography trends. While KLC fotos prides itself on working with photographers who are highly skilled, we also want to be a community of photographers that supports each other, are pleasant to work with and alongside. All of the characteristics that Shirley embodied.

Application Window:

May 1-31, annually


This award is open to any individual of any genre of photography who wants to improve their craft and the photographer community. Names will be excluded when the panel reviews the photos and essays.


Image Submission: 10 Images that embody the kind of work you want to produce.


No more than 1,000 words to address each of the following prompts:

-Why does photography matter?

-Why does character matter in photography?

-What are your plans to improve the photography industry and/or photographer community?

-How do you hope your photography will inspire others?


Featured on the Shoot Like Shirley Award Page

Invited to join KLC fotos as a Photographer

Complete Portfolio Review

Session with KLC fotos founder, Kelley L Cox, choose from the following options:

-Accompany Kelley on an assignment (travel expenses to be covered by the winner, only available to photographers over 18 years of age)

-Have Kelley join to help coach a photoshoot of yours and review your image take with suggestions (only available to photographers within 50 miles of Berkeley, CA)

-Hour long phone or video conference to "talk shop" with Kelley



Winners will be announced on June 15th


A photographer may only win the Shoot Like Shirley award once, though photographers who did not receive are welcome to submit a new application each year.