KLC fotos offers image orders with pricing that is competitive but also ensures our photographers feel their work is being fairly represented.



KLC fotos offers a wide variety of different print sizes and paper options. Stay tuned to our blog for current discount offerings. We also offer special discounts to our partners and clients. To view the cost of a print, simply click on an image in the gallery, you will see featured items price list and can expand for more options.



KLC fotos offers different image download options for different end uses.


It is important that you only use the image in agreement with your license terms or your account will be blocked from ordering future images and the photographer may pursue legal action to defend their copyright.


Personal Use Download

With a personal use download, an individual can place the following orders:

low-resolution image (up to 1000px)

medium-resolution image (up to 2000px)

high-resolution images (up to 3000px)


This is a great solution for individuals looking to store a digital copy in their own archive and/or make multiple prints from one file. Files are NOT to be shared or posted publicly.


Editorial Use Download

For Editorial Outlets magazines, newspapers, and online blogs or other publications

We offer pricing based on

Format - web or print

Duration - of your publication, or how long it will remain online

Circulation - number of viewers/readers who will see the image

Size - Spot, ¼ page, ½ page, full page, cover


Commercial Use Download

We offer a few select basic commercial licensing options for our most common commercial options, but we have found most clients prefer custom licenses. We base our pricing off Cradoc Software fotoQuote to ensure we are in line with industry standards. We have worked with clients to do train wraps, pop-up grocery store displays, tent canvases, and other marketing schemes, we are confident we can create a license agreement that fits your needs and budget while valuing our photographer’s work.


It is the CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to ensure you have the rights to use the images commercially whether it is from the organization or individuals depicted in the images. KLC fotos can provide sample Model Releases, and will do our best effort to put you in contact with the appropriate parties, but we do not offer images with releases on file.


Social Media Use Download

We understand the popularity of social media and the confusing space between a brand, a individual, personal use, editorial use, commercial use, etc. We have tried to clarify these options by followers. We offer pricing depending on how many potential viewers will see your post. You are to ALWAYS tag the Photographer (handle if known) and KLC fotos (@KLCfotos on all platforms) when posting on social media.


Posting Images With the Watermark

Unless you have been granted written permission from the photographer, posting an image, even with the watermark, is considered copyright infringement. Please feel free to share links to KLC fotos galleries and images, but we will ask you to remove any images that are shared as files.


When Image Ordering Is Not Available

You might find a gallery that does not show images as available to order. Our coverage agreements, access and credentials, do not always grant permission to sell images and we respect those rules. If you find a gallery that does not have image order options and you believe this is in error, please send us an email.


Do none of these fit your needs? Send us an email and we can create a custom license for you