Cal Athletics Photographers Resources: Volunteer and Paid Assignments

Paid Assignments - 

Cal Athletics has select assignments for paid photographers. The dates and times of these events are determined by Cal Athletics

The fee assignments are as follows:

Action: $280/game

Media Day: $800/team

Event: $140/hr


Volunteer Assignments - 

Cal Athletics appreciates volunteer photographers. While we do not request that photographers cover certain games (if Cal needs the coverage we insist they budget for the coverage), we keep a Cal Athletics Available calendar so contributors can know which events are happening that Cal would be interested in having a volunteer cover. We also keep a Cal Athletics Volunteer calendar so that staff, student-athletes, and parents know what additional events are being covered.

To sign up to volunteer for an assignment, please use the form here.

Since you are volunteering, we completely understand if something comes up and you are unable to cover the event. Please notify us and the Cal contact for the event. Please keep in mind that there are photographers who will choose not to cover certain events because it appears covered and take your volunteer sign-ups seriously.


Contributors, paid or volunteer, are granted the right to sell and license images through KLC fotos in turn for Cal's ability to publish the images for marketing, internal and editorial use. Photographers receive 50% of any royalties made from image sales and licensing.