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Access Code Replacements on AirTable


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Code replacements is a great time-saving feature of Photo Mechanic that allows you to create shortcodes so you can quickly add metadata information.


You type \s7\ and it automates to San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7)

You type \s7#2\ and it automates to quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7)

You type \s7#3\ and it automates to Colin Kaepernick

You type \s7#4\ and it automates to Kaepernick

In order to do that, you must first create a tab separated text file that looks like this

s7     San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7)     quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7)     Colin Kapernick     Kaepernick


KLC fotos believes in pooling our efforts and allowing photographers to update and access code replacements as necessary.


To Create or Edit Code Replacements

The code replacements base is viewable to anyone but can only be edited by KLC fotos photographers.

Find the appropriate tab for the league.

You can add names.

If there are roster moves, you can update a player from the "All Players" tab


To Copy Rosters

Find the view of your team(s)

Select All


Paste into a plain text file (can create using TextEdit)


Set in PhotoMechanic

Settings>>Set Code Replacements

Or key stroke: control command c



Troubleshooting and FAQ

When I type my code, nothing appears

Ensure you are using the correct delimiter character and that you have a plain text .txt file loaded in Photo Mechanic

When I type my code, the wrong strain appears

You may have duplicate strains. If you have more than one strain with the same shortcode, only the first one will appear

You may also have multiple files uploaded

My team isn't listed

KLC fotos photographers are granted access to add/edit players and teams. If no one has created a roster for your team, please start one

I would like to use a different shortcode key (ex "a" instead of "o" for Oakland)

You may change the shortcode key by editing the "Shortcode" formula