Division Directors should be very engaged with the division they manage. They should be familiar with major events within their division, the photographers who cover events in their division as well as current and potential clients.

Website Presentation

Division directors are responsible for maintaining their division's presence on their website. Creating appropriate collections, slideshows, and organizing hierarchal folders. 

Managing Photographers

Division directors are responsible for working with photographers that cover events within their division. This may include assigning photographers to events, reviewing photographer's submissions, and working to improve the overall quality of content added by photographers.

Pursuing Assignments and Building Client Relationships

Division directors are responsible for communicating with clients and building the client base. This may include pursuing additional assignment-based clients or pursuing additional royalty-based clients.

Social Media

Division directors are responsible for the social media presence of their division. They may choose to promote within the KLC fotos channels or build a separate channel dedicated to the division.


Division directors work independently and can set their own hours.


Division Directors receive a 5% share of royalty profits during the time they serve as division director.



Do you want to help grow an area of KLC fotos coverage and become a division director? Please email [email protected]