KLC fotos has established a reputation of being a great company to work for and work with and this is all because of our great photographers and the culture we embrace!

KLC fotos Photographers are expected to:

Show Up On Time - That means early. Traffic and parking are your responsibility

Be Dressed Appropriately - No cutoff jean shorts to corporate events... or really anywhere ;)

Follow All Rules and Regulations - Whether explicit in credential or asked of by onsite staff 

Be Courteous to Fellow Photographers - The photography industry is changing, we should have each other's backs

Engage with Professionalism - You are there for a job, others are their for a job, a celebration, or are paying ticket holders. No cheering for teams, taunting refs, coaching players, etc

Have Integrity - If you are on an editorial assignment, you must stick to the editorial ethics standard in your behavior and image processing

Check Your Fandom at the Gate - If you are working FOR a team, you can wear their logo. If you are there strictly editorial, you should not be wearing the logo of a team

Be Upfront About Abilities - If you don't know how to use lights, don't say you do just to get a gig only to disappoint the client

Voice to Us - If you have an issue at an event, with a client or with KLC fotos, let us know. We can't help you when we've heard third-hand two years later

Enjoy Yourself - We assume you are doing photography because you are passionate about it or passionate about what you cover, enjoy it!