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Add player’s name and number using the “persons shown” field

If there are more than three people you can use “team” or ID the key people in the image

Example: A touchdown celebration, ID the player who scored the touchdown, don’t need to ID every player that surrounds him.

(Code Replacements)



Apply the IPTC stationery pad to automate the “persons shown” field into the caption

*Be very careful that “persons shown” is not selected on the IPTC pad or it will overwrite any IDs you added individually

*If you applied it before adding “persons shown” you will need to apply again as a final step




If you so choose, you can add additional information to the caption to describe what it’s showing such as “scores a goal” if you want to make it more searchable.

*While not necessary for Cal, this is good practice for other editorial events



Cal requests filenames of images start with the players name (sorry, this is not a request from us, but it’s how they organize and search their drives)

You can quickly rename photos in PhotoMechanic Command M and copy this into the field, update what is in bold and the rest will automate based on your IPTC:


Example: Tre Watson_Cal_FB_20170902_135432_SWolf


Paid Photographer

Coverage: game action - every player and coach - atmosphere (fans/facility)


  • In game- 5-10 key images that can be used for web story and social media (scores, reactions, important plays) do not need to be edited or have have captions

  • One week- Full set with IDs

Volunteer Photographer

Coverage: Your creative decision

Delivery: Ideally within one week but not necessary

Can follow protocol of in-game box delivery to be extra generous


Add to Your Gallery

Photographers > Your Name > Cal Athletics

Add New Gallery Football: Cal vs UNC

Add to Cal Athletics Collection

Collegiate → UC Berkeley → Athletics → Sport → Collection

(It may already be created for you, if not, you can create a collection within the folder)


Add to Additional Collections

You may also want to add to the general Editorial Sports Collection

Sports → Sport → Collegiate


Naming Conventions for Galleries and Collections

Galleries: Sport: Opponent at Cal -or- Sport: Cal at Opponent

Unless it is a commonly accepted abbreviation such as USC, use the full name of the opponent


2018.10.20 Football: Cal at Oregon State


2018.10.20 Football: Cal at OSU OSU should be written Oregon State

2018.10.20 Cal Football at OSU Cal should not be listed first

18-08-07 Football: Cal at Oregon State Date format is wrong

Football: Cal at Oregon State 2018.10.20 Order is backwards


A Calendar of Coverage can be viewed at:

The calendar displays Assigned, Volunteer and Available Events

(You can use the drop-down menu to view select calendars individually)

Assigned: Paid assignments that are requested and assigned through KLC fotos

Volunteer: Events that photographers plan to volunteer to cover

Available: Events that Cal Athletics has happening that volunteers can offer coverage for