Welcome! Thanks for joining KLC fotos! Here's a quick guide to getting started!

You should have received an email to set up your password as well as a link to your Photographer Folder


Photographer Folder

Every photographer has a dedicated folder on KLC fotos. This is accessible via KLCfotos.com/photographers/YourName

This area can be accessed on the backend or via the link sent in the email. It's also a good idea to book mark this page so you can quickly access.

This page is your calling card. You can direct clients here to view your portfolio, find your contact info, access your images, etc.

More Info About Your Photographer Folder.


Upload Your Images

Check out our Submission-Protocol for the steps to prepare for a shoot and upload images from preparing your cameras and IPTC to getting paid


Get On Board

If you want to start booking assignments and getting paid through KLC fotos, we'll need a signed Photographer Agreement and a W-9 (or a W-8 for international photographers)


Get Paid

Set up your Dwolla account. Learn more about our payment process


Learn More

Check out our Resources page for basic protocol specific to KLC fotos

Read our blog to stay up to date on KLC fotos, tips and industry news

Resources Google Drive - for documents, tools and resources exclusive to KLC fotos photographers


We look forward to working with you!!