Many clients these days are asking for On-Site Uploading or Delivery of Images.

There are a number of ways to do this whether it's Bringing Your Laptop, Using a Wifi Enabled Card, Using Your Cameras Built In Wifi, Manual Transfer to Mobile Device, and some Apps We Love to help the process


Bringing Your Laptop

Bringing your laptop to an event is great if you have enough down-time and space to ingest a card. To make this workflow faster we suggest

Tagging in camera

Using PhotoMechanic to ingest so that tags appear first

Using PhotoMechanic to quickly color code and edit an image

Using code replacements if needed

The more prepared you are before the shoot and the more intentional you are with your shooting, the less work it is on the back-end

The wonderful part about transmitting from your laptop is that perhaps you transmit everything you need and get to go home after the assignment and be done!


Using a Wifi Enabled Card

If bringing a laptop isn't practical, using a wifi enable card is great alternative.

We have used Eye-Fi cards with success and are testing out the Toshiba Cards and pairing with the Keenai platform and IFTTT

Set to only transfer selects

Set to only transfer jpgs, perhaps even scaled down to medium so that filesize of transferring is more manageable


Using Your Cameras Built-In Wifi

Sometimes using the built-in wifi is more reliable than an wifi network creating memory card.

We use Olympus camera bodies with built in wifi. You can find resources for using other camera models online - if you have a guide you'd like us to share, let us know!

Be sure to shoot in a jpg mode, Olympus app does not support RAW file transfer.

If shooting to two separate cards, jpg and RAW be sure to have the playback card be the card with the jpg images you plan to transfer.


Manual Transfer to Mobile

There are dongles that attach from camera to phone and/or allow you to plug an SD card into your iPhone.



Apps We Love

IFTTT (If This Then That) this is both an app and a website designed to automate processes for you. You could automate recipes such as "Any photo saved to "KLC fotos" album on your phone automatically uploads to a dropbox folder titled "KLC fotos"  - you could then share that dropbox link with the client so that as you saved photos to your phone, they automatically send to dropbox (or other platform)

Photogene4 - This is a great tool for changing a filename, adding metadata, applying a preset *It appears this app will not be support by future iOS updates, if you hear of a replacement app, let us know!


Do you know of an app that deserves to be on this list? Let us know!!

Other social media based apps on our Social Media Resources Page.