KLC fotos | Photographers/Resources: Your Photographer Folder


Every KLC fotos Photographer has a folder on the Photographers Page

This page serves as your calling card, your portfolio, your archive and your delivery.

It's a good idea to bookmark the back-end link to your Photographer Page for easy reference.

Your photographer page can be found publicly at KLCfotos.com/photographers/yourname using the name you provided on the info form, if you would like a different name for your link, let us know!


Setting Up Your Photographer Folder

When you first access your photographer folder you'll find an About gallery, a Non-KLC fotos portfolio gallery and a portfolio collection

About You Gallery:

This is where you should upload your headshot and a photo you would like to be the cover of your photographer folder on the Photographers page.

You should also include a brief bio in this section

Non-KLC fotos Portfolio:

This is a hidden gallery where you should upload your favorite images that are not to be licensed by KLC fotos (example if you worked for another agency and have copyright to display but not to sell).

You should then select all and "Add to Collection" and add to your portfolio collection. 

*Note this gallery is not watermarked so if you would like a watermark on these images please upload an image with a watermark already present.


This is linked to the slideshow that appears on your photographer page. As you add images to the KLC fotos archive, you should add additional images and update as frequently as you see fit.


Adding Folders/Galleries to Your Photographer Page

You may find additional folders and/or galleries if you are assigned an event or we know you already have images to be sharing with KLC fotos. You can find more info about appropriately adding galleries via the upload protocol


Creating Additional Collections

You are welcome to create additional collections

Example: Portfolio for sports, portfolio for weddings, a collection of favorites for a client etc so you have quick links to send


Password Protecting Folders/Galleries/Collections

You may choose to password protect or make private certain collection. Password protecting, you can set your own password to allow clients to view. Making private makes the images private on the front end but remember anyone with a KLC fotos back-end log in will be able to see your images if they go to your folder on the back-end. Also remember that if an image requires a password in your gallery, it will also require a password in any collection you add it to in the archive.

Hiding Folders/Galleries

There may be some galleries you want to be able to access or want others to be able to access via link but not have publicly visible/clickable within your photographer folder, you should then opt to "Hide from Visitors"

Search and Recently Added

Perhaps you don't need to password protect the gallery, or hide the gallery, but you don't want someone to see that you only just added photos from an event 6 months ago. You should disable adding it to the recently added section of KLC fotos. You could also make an image searchable only via KLCfotos (not all of google, interwebs) or not searchable at all.


Open Download

You may choose to make a download password protected or entirely open. If this option is enable we can track the number of times and image has been downloaded but not who or under what terms the image has been downloaded. Depending on the images in the gallery, we might encourage you to make the images available via a no-cost download order instead of an open download.


Setting Prices on Folders/Galleries

Only a KLC fotos administrator can set a price on a folder or gallery. If you have a division of images that you want a pricing list applied to, notify a KLC fotos admin and they will set for you so that everything uploaded into that folder automatically has the appropriate price list applied. Example and MLS folder with editorial pricing or a Junior Olympics folder with print and download pricing.



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