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We understand that social media plays a big role in many photographer's business model these days. It can be a fun outlet to display your work and reach new potential clients. But it can also be a time consuming unrewarding stressor if not properly managed. We want to help photographer's promote their work in a way that is meaningful

Below are Our Suggestions for Trying to Promote Your Work on KLC fotos

Posting on KLC fotos Channels

KLC fotos has accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook the log-in info is available in our google resources folder

1-3 posts per event - We want the photos to direct people back to KLC fotos not be a platform to view the entire gallery.

Images must also be posted on KLC fotos - If an image is posted to social media, it must also be in the KLC fotos archive.

Respect Image Embargoes and Client Requests -  If shooting for a client, be sensitive to the request if they would prefer to be the first social post or want the images to be for internal or personal use only and not on social media.

NEVER Encourage Bullying -  Do not post anything that could be used to encourage bullying



You may repost/share posts from your own social media account on KLC fotos provided that it follows the rules from above and

Your own watermark isn't distracting - We want to promote your work but we also want our channels to showcase the image and not be overshadowed by large opaque watermarks

Your social account is mostly used to promote your work. A personal post here and there is acceptable but we do not want KLC fotos linking to an account that is predominantly personal use. You may want to consider having a separate personal and photography accounts.


Responding on Social Media

If you have access to these accounts you may see notifications of comments. Please feel free to respond in a polite manner. If you ever have a concern about how to respond to a comment, please refer to a KLC fotos director.