Before submitting any photos to KLC fotos, you should ensure you have a Photographer Agreement and W-9 (or W-8 for international photographers) on file with KLC fotos as well as an active Contributing Photographer Account.


Please follow our instructions for Set-Up, Post-Process Editing, Filename, Metadata, Upload, Deliver


For those looking for Resources for On-Site Uploading please click here.



Before shooting

  • Correct timestamp in camera
  • Clean sensors
  • Clean lenses
  • Spare Batteries
  • Reliable/Fast Cards with enough space
  • Appropriate shooting settings (whether manual or some variation on manual, we expect photographers to know their cameras)
  • Filesize is set to Large JPEG and/or RAW
  • Ensure your camera is ready to ingest images and you have an IPTC file set.


We expect KLC fotos photographers to also ensure appropriate credential, expectations, photo agreement with client, arrive early and take all measures to ensure your success in covering the assignment.

Post-Process Editing

When editing your take, only include images that are

  • In focus
  • Sharp
  • Correct White Balance
  • Properly Exposed
  • Work that you are proud of

When processing images should be

  • Minimum 2MB
  • Minimum 3000 pixels on the long side
  • Minimum 300 dpi


This ensures your images are able to be printed properly and licensed as high-resolution images


KLC fotos uses the naming protocol


Your ID is self assigned. You can make it your name, or initials, or a unique code. We use this code to note royalties and clients use the code to note photo credit.

ex: A gallery of images taken by Kelley L Cox on October 31, 2010


We suggest photographers expand on that to include client date AND time
using a 24 hour clock for the hour number

example: An image taken by Mike Lee on September 12, 2012 at 2:04:56pm for USA Rugby

if you took more than one image per second you can amend to


Some photographers (and clients!) prefer to include additional details such as IDs of people in the image, the event or client name. 

example: An image taken by Al Sermeno on September 1, 2018 at 01:35:27pm for Cal of Patrick Laird.
Patrick Laird (28)_Cal_FB_20180901_134527_ADS.jpg


You should avoid long filenames

example: An image taken by Al Sermeno on September 1, 2018 at 01:35:27pm for Cal of Patrick Laird.
Patrick Laird (28)_CaliforniaGoldenBears_NorthCarolinaTarHeels_CollegeFootball_20180901_134527_ADS.jpg


*You can quickly rename or save as with a rename in PhotoMechanic, Lightroom and Photoshop.


All images on KLC fotos should have some kind of metadata even if it's just as a batch to the whole set to ensure copyright is attached along with some sort of description of the images.

For those familiar with IPTC files, you can download a generic KLC fotos IPTC file here and adjust accordingly.

While you can use any program that meets the requirements, we suggest PhotoMechanic (download from CameraBits) the industry leading workflow software.

You must include:

This should be a batch listing of what the image(s) depict

Example: MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at Colorado Rapids

This is where you should provide all the detailed information

Month, day, year; City, State, Country; Description of event at Location. Photo credit: Your Name/KLC fotos

Example: October 13, 2016; Commerce City, Colorado, USA; Colorado Rapids forward Dominique Badji (14) chases down the ball ahead of San Jose Earthquakes defender Marvell Wynne (4) during the first half of the game at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. The Colorado Rapids defeated the San Jose Earthquakes 2-1. Photo credit: Al Milligan/KLC fotos

Though your copyright is listed in the caption, it should also be listed in the copyright field.

While not required, the more information you add to an image, the more searchable, and therefore valuable it is. You might consider including
KEYWORDS: Choose the most relevant keywords, this can be as a batch or for individual images
PERSONS SHOWN: Even with facial recognition on many services, it's still useful to ID people
LOCATION: Name the city, state, country, other location details
ORGANIZATION: If you are shooting for an organization it's a good idea to write this in so you can remember who the client was
CATEGORY: It's a good idea to add the category so your image can be marked a S for sports and BKN for basketball. To view category shortcodes please reference this spreadsheet.

*Please note, metadata that is added to the website AFTER it has been uploaded will help it be searchable on the site, but it will not remain attached to the file if/when that file is downloaded, as it would if the metadata was attached using software PRIOR to uploading.




1. Create a COLLECTION in the corresponding division folder(s)*

Category YYYY.MM.DD Category: Event Name

Example: For a USA Eagles v New Zealand All Blacks rugby game on November 11, 2014:

2014.11.01 Rugby-Internationa: USA Eagles vs New Zealand All Blacks


*You may want to create a collection in more than one division's folder. The sample could go separate collections in both:

 Sports >> Rugby >> International >> Union 


Sports >> Rugby >> USA Rugby >> Eagles >> Men's 15s


2. Go to your Photographer Folder

It's a good idea to bookmark your specific folder for easy reference


3. Create a GALLERY in the Corresponding Folder

This is what will appear in the recently added and should have information that makes it obvious even when view outside of your folder

Category YYYY.MM.DD Category: Description


2014.11.01 Rugby-International: USA Eagles v New Zealand All Blacks

2016.12.02 Football-College: Pac 12 Championship - Washington Huskies v Oregon Ducks

2017.01.07 Deloitte: San Francisco Holiday Party

4. Select Add Photos

5. Upload Images

6. Once gallery is uploaded and thumbnails appear, add to collection(s).

Select All >> Add to Collection >> and find/add to the corresponding collection(s) you created in Step 1.


7. Email [email protected] division director and the clients to let us know images have been uploaded.



Additional Gallery Options

Change watermark - All new galleries are automated to have the KLC fotos watermark. If you or a client wishes to have an alternate watermark or no watermark, you can change the watermark

Create Friendly URL - You can create a friendly url for the gallery and/or the collection. Friendly urls should follow the breadcrumb path


for a gallery -

for a collection -

You'll see at the top of your browser there is a /p###### this link can be used whether or not you change the friendly url. But if you change a friendly url, the previously friendly url will not direct to the new one.

Recently Added - Images are automatically added to the "recently added" section of KLC fotos, if you are uploading a 2nd set more than a week after the event or the images are otherwise not appropriate to be included in recently added, you can disable this option

Set an access password - Some clients might prefer the images be accessed only via a password. You can set the password on the gallery

Set a download password - While most price lists are automated with a download option which requires an order, you can also open the download option with a password, though keep in mind, we cannot track the users of a downloaded image, nor are there license agreements on open downloads