KLC fotos | Shoot Like Shirley/Application


Photography Talent Award



Application Window:  June 1 - June 30      Award Announced:  July 15

Designed for women under 30 years of age interested in a career in photography.


I no more than 1,000 words, you will be asked to address each of the following prompts:

-Describe Your Photography Background and Expierience

-Detail Your Photographic Aspirations.

-Explain What Makes You Passionate About Photography

Image Submission:

10 portfolio images. It may be a series to tell a story or 10 unrelated images that showcase a variety of work.

(Applicants will need a google account to upload images via google drive - sign up free here)




Featured on the a Shoot Like Shirley Awards Page

Thorough Portfolio Review

A 2 hour session with KLC fotos founder, Kelley L Cox. (In person, on an assignment or via online video)

$300 Cash Prize


Runner Up:

Featured as a Shoot Like Shirley Awards Page

Thorough Portfolio Review

$100 Cash Prize


All Applicants:

All applications will receive a brief constructive feedback statement on their portfolio to understand ways their photography could improve  

Potential to have a single image included on the Shoot Like Shirley Awards Page



Kelley L Cox

Dave Pefley - While not a photographer by training, Dave was an enthusiastic assistant to Shirley and is very familiar with the art of photography.

Kelley L Cox - Kelley worked with Shirley through KLC fotos

Catharyn Hayne - Catharyn met Shirley through Sports Shooter Academy and they became fast friends as they were both moms who turned pro.